Sneak Peek, with Stewie le Savage

By Constance Chinho

Stewie le Savage

Stewie le Savage (Stuart Chikuni) is an Afro-Tribal artist who fuses Spoken word with Contemporary dance music and is also an award winning blogger from Bulawayo Zimbabwe. His music is a protest to the social injustice and comes as a way to encourage youths and people in general to rise up.

Our reporter Constance Chinho, (Connie) caught up Stewie le Savage to shed more light on his musical journey and what inspired him to follow his passion. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Connie: What made you pursue music?

 Stewie Le Savage: I’ve always had love for music, I believe it’s something in my DNA

Connie: I have been listening to melanin confidence. What inspired the song?

Stewie Le Savage: After conversations and researches I realized most black people still feel inferior to white people and thus the song sets to motivate and encourage them that the world is theirs. It’s a confidence booster

Connie: What messages do you aim to push through your work?

Stewie Le Savage: My music is a fusion of spoken word and contemporary dance music. Its lyrical content is mostly set on inspiring a positive change in the society

 Stewie Le Savage: Advocacy for positive change

Stewie Le Savage songs are the epitome of brilliance bringing out the culture and also norms from the voice of the oppressed. His recent project Melanin Confidence is a song about embracing the beauty of one’s skin color, and filtering all the discrimination. It is about embracing the beauty of the black skin.

Connie: Let’s say you meet someone and is intrigued by your work which music video would you recommend them to watch and why?

Stewie Le Savage: Umthombo Wothando, I put so much work and dedication towards making it a success

 Connie: So from the projects, you have done to date which one would you say was the most challenging

 Stewie Le Savage: Hmm I wouldn’t say any because I accept all challenges and deal with them as I go

 Connie: With the entertainment industry being stiff, how do you seek out opportunities?

Stewie Le Savage: I believe in hard work all the time, opportunities come to those who work extra hard

 Connie: You mentioned being a blogger, according to Stewie Le Savage .What inspired the name?

Stewie Le Savage: Defining life according to me is what inspired the name

Connie: According to Stewie Le Savage what makes a good artist

Stewie Le Savage: Dedication, passion and determination makes a very good artist

Connie: Is it ok to say the genre brings out the best in you

Stewie Le Savage: Yes definitely but I feel as an artist I have more to give