Mudiwa & Stunner team up, announce a Million Dollar Private Jet venture

Stunner & Mudiwa Hood

Multi award winning hip hop superstars and businessmen Mudiwa Hood and Stunner (Desmond Chideme) have teamed up with a young Businessman and Pilot Nyasha Paradzai in establishing SkyAngel Private Jet Charters. [SLIDE]

SkyAngel Private Jet Charters, is a registered company which has been in operation for the past 12 months. The Jet company is set to acquire its first private ✈️ jet this month as the directors favour owning jets than leasing or hiring.

Sky Angel offers luxurious services which includes; fleet, destinations, cargo services, passenger services and aircraft leasing.

This comes as a shock to many as Mudiwa and Stunner were always viewed as enemies and rivals.

Nobody saw this coming, but this is the way to go for our Zimbabwe’s most successful rappers.