African Jewellery, an artistic expression

By Buhlebenkosi Nkomo

Beadwork and African tailored jewellery that mirrors the experiences and lives of young females in Zimbabwe is characteristic of Jacquexquisite Creations work.

The bright and youthful colours and sometimes material that the founder, Janice Mpala uses are reflective of energetic, vibrant and poise ladies that not only desire to look and feel good but also tell stories through their dressing and accessories.

The use of fabrics, beads and rope woven into different jewellery pieces reflects the uniqueness of the times we live in as well as creativity. The art of creating such pieces has exposed Mpala to different clientele.

Through her work, Mpala has dressed some Bulawayo based artists such as the likes of Noluntu J, upcoming model, Mollet Ndebele and many others.

Her journey in jewellery design began not so long ago and was driven by the desire to showcase African beauty and use it as a form of expression.

“I started it in 2018 ,firstly it was based on campus life …l used to sell biscuits before on campus then l realised there is something l can do with hands as a way of income coupled with passion.”

“Personally, art is engraved in me. It’s like a calling, anything to do with the art of creating satisfies my inner self. I believe that its a gift within my family. My father who is late was also a fashion designer and artist,” she says.

Looking back at her success, one could argue that Mpala is living up to her father’s legacy. Although her business began when she was in university,it has grown in leaps and bounds. Most of her clientele came from her classmates.

Given the high unemployment rate of youths in Zimbabwe, entrepreneurship is now the norm. What started out as a passion has sustained Mpala for the past three years.

The young designer,who is also a Journalism and Media Studies graduate therefore plans to rebrand her business and operate it full time since she has now graduated