Long waited From Time To Time single by Takura OUT NOW!!!

The much anticipated single From Time To Time is OUT NOW (25 May) with thousands of fans have been waiting to see what the ‘SHONA PRINCE’ has in store. Over the years Takura has been popularised as hip-hop artist but he has evolved to become one of Zimbabwe’s most versatile musician.

From Time to Time song cover

Famous Magazine (FM) caught up with Takura Music (TM) to give insights on the new single and his music journey. Below are excerpts from the interview.

FM: We are excited about your upcoming single tell us more about it

‘’It’s a Love song talking to my girl just being vulnerable and telling her that do you feel the love in the air because I’m scared that if I shoot my shot will you take care of me. Basically Covid-19 inspired the song, you never know the next time you’re going to see your person, what if you don’t see the person tomorrow, test positive for covid-19 and dies’’

FM: What is it about music that makes you so passionate about?

TM: ‘’ I was just born with something inside me, it’s a gift, people ask me how I do it, I don’t even know, I’m just in a realm in a different realm musically when I’m listening to music, I don’t listen like how other people listen to it. It’s like I will be stripping down a car engine and then, put every part back but making it better. I came from a music family, my mom side, my uncles played guitars, it’s just in me, I’m just passionate about music so much’’

FM: What’s the driving force behind Takura music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

TM: ‘’I take inspiration from my life this is why its so easy for me to make music and when I’m not making music, if I’m going through stuff that how I allow myself to deal because talent will never disappear

I draw my inspiration from what I feel, what I go through, that’s why I have to go through it for me to make music because that’s how I’m set up, I don’t imagine things, a lot of times I talk about things I’m going through

Knowing that everyone just like me is going through it or have gone through it or they will go through it just like “zve moyo” you can’t say you have never gone through something like that so you’re bound to relate to the song, bound to understand what I’m feeling, you know when you’re not that vocal that’s my job, a song will express It,’’

FM: How do you feel you have gone in setting ‘Takura’ as a household name?

TM:’They know me everywhere, Nigeria, South Africa; slowly we are penetrating you know it takes longer because in the south our industries are a bit slow and we are doing great for a small country unlike the population in Nigeria where there are over 200 million, I think I have done well and I’m about to do it again you know I’m done with the breaks that I have been having, I’m back and it’s going to be a long year for us,’

FM: What can we expect from you in the next two to five years?

TM: ‘’I have plans but I like my work to speak for its self, I’m trying teach the African child that you can build your dream house, you can drive your dream car and become successful with anything, music doesn’t have boundary, nowadays with social media and Tik Tok you can make a song and make it trend, the thing about music is you don’t know which song is going to change your life.

When people tell you that why don’t you sound like this I tell them  when the time comes it will happen, same way it happened in the beginning before you knew me and you started knowing me, the way it happened as long as I’m true to myself and I work hard it will happen, people should just keep on supporting and just knowing that nothing is impossible, we grew up in a society that tells us you can’t dream, you can’t do this, I have done all the things that people said I couldn’t do and I haven’t even started doing more, it’s all about timing,’’

FM: Any message to your fans?

TM:’Thank you for waiting, I love my fans because you know when I went on a break and I wasn’t making music they just understood and always knew the boy will come back and when he comes back he’s back it’s not a secret,’’

Listen to the song below and enjoy