6 Helpful Ways To Overcome a Heartbreak

By: Providence Muzanenhamo

Heartbreak occurs to anyone no matter your race, culture, age, gender or level of education. Heartbreak is not a curse, rather it is a journey to a new beginning, an experience to draw valuable lessons from. So never be afraid or be embarrassed when you have a heartbreak, there is nothing wrong with pain, learn from it and come out from it even wiser and stronger. In this article I’m going to share some of the best ways to help you deal with heartbreak.

Control your emotions

Usually after a break up emotions will be all over the place, so in order to prevent further heartbreak control your emotions. Resist that urge to text or call your ex or stalking them on social media, you will be only making matters worse for yourself. Instead, occupy your mind with something else, this may sound cliché and an overused remedy but trust me it works. Go out with your friends, get a new hobby, go to the gym, start dieting, not only does this occupy your mind but you will feel and look great afterwards.

Give yourself time to heal

Never, ever rush to get over a heartbreak it doesn’t work like that. The trick is to deal with your pain right there and then and not suppress it or to rush it either. Let the healing process take its course, because if you do not allow yourself to grieve your break up and tend to that wound then you might be in for some trouble in the future. When going through a heartbreak allow yourself to vent out the anger and your pain. Cry if you feel like crying, scream, burn your ex’s gifts or clothes that they bought for you if that makes you feel better. Eat, sleep, pray and cry again, that’s how it is, you are dealing with your pain so never hold back until you feel whole again.

Talk to someone

Share your feelings with someone you trust. Sharing your feelings helps you to unburden some of those bitter emotions that you have been bottling up inside. And the person you share with might even start to open up about their own heartbreaks and ordeals, and you will soon realise that you not alone after all.

Improve and empower yourself

Improving oneself after a break up or during the course of a heartbreak is one effective way to get back up and feel like you are worth a million dollars. That’s the goal right? to improve your self-esteem after a bad heartbreak. So, do that course that you have always wanted to do, get a driver’s licence, start a business anything to empower yourself is the deal here. This kind of improvement on yourself will lead to self- satisfaction, a feeling of self- worth and the realisation that your ex may not even be your type now. YES!

Couple that self- improvement with getting to know yourself better too. Reflect on yourself, on the little habits and behaviours that you know may have been a cause for misunderstanding in your previous relationships and fix that. Is it a bad temper? Are you prideful? Do you find it hard to say sorry when you wrong your partner? Develop yourself for the sake of love. Become a better person than you were before because no one is perfect and accept that you are not perfect too. There’s nothing wrong with preparing yourself for the next person especially when you know it will improve your relationships. Remember you attract what you are, so be the partner you wish you had.


Music is one of the most therapeutic ways when dealing with a heartbreak. Try listening to the kind of music you like as a way of detoxifying your heart. Do this whilst in a quiet place and alone, or any kind of music that you feel drawn towards to during that particular time. Do this occasionally and detox your heart with your those jams. You could couple that with crying, screaming, dancing or bumping your head to the music till you drop, it’s all good too because ultimately you feel better afterwards.


There is no doubt that Jesus is the master healer, so why not turn to Him during your difficult time. Never take prayer and reading the bible for granted. Prayer is the most guaranteed and effective way to deal with broken hearts. There is this kind of peace and renewed strength that one experiences after creating a relationship with God. Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God , which surpasses all understanding shall guide your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Always couple these remedies above with prayer and you will never go wrong.