Human Wildlife conflicts a major problem in Kariba

Human wildlife conflicts remains a major problem in Kariba, at least four elephants incidents are reported every week combined from both rural and urban districts of Kariba.

Two lives were lost in Kariba Urban in the month of May. Three attacks were reported. Elephants are the most disturbing animals in this society and from the local observations, local residents feel the numbers are growing bigger.

“I have stayed in Mola since childhood but the rate which elephants are breeding is just amazing, people believe animals are slowly moving to extinction but the believe has been proven wrong here in Nyaminyami Rural District not knowing the urban side”, said Audience Siachibila

A herd of elephants and deer on a field in the jungle in Tsavo west, Taita hills, Kenya

“I am not a good observer but this time I am sure elephants are multiplying at an unhealthy rate to our community. We are likely to lose lives on weekly basis”, said Primrose Mushaike.

Leopards have been reported to be moving around residential areas in low densities like Heights and Baobab in Kariba urban.

Lions are now moving away from Zambezi, this is proven by the presence of zebras in the CBD and residential areas too. Normally lions do attack zebras which then chases away zebras from the jungle.

Zimparks Kariba sometimes do campaigns on issues around living in harmony with animals, advising people to stay indoor during dark hours and educating people on animal corridors and the importance of not conflicting with animals.