How to get the best Smoky eye

By: Precious M

Lovers of make- up can want to try different types each and every day and one that is hard to master is a smoky and when done wrong the whole look can make you look tired, a smoky eye is something that gives you that elegance and according to one make- up artist Troy Surratt “smoky eye make-up along lower lashes gives a sort of edginess a downtown girl effect”. This article offers tricks and tips to use when doing a smoky eye.

Beautiful Eye Makeup with long eyelashes.

Stay smudge Free with a Primer

Eyelid primer is a critical step when applying smoky eye make –up, priming your lids can help ensure your dark shadow and eyeliner stays put and doesn’t get easily smeared outside your lids and rims.

Use a bit of brown

Adding a brown to your smoky eye creates a rich diffused look, even if your you want to go full black mix Surratt suggests that ‘lining underneath the eyes with a black pencil take a small shadow brush dip that into eye and put it over the pencil’, doing this will give you the best look ever and you don’t have to look all gothic but rather have the best smoky eye.

Macro shot of a woman eye with eyelashes and yellow, golden make-up

Play with colors

Ladies piece of advice just because it’s a smoky doesn’t mean you have to be all black try to add other colors to eye do the experiment see how it looks you never know you may love it, try dark colors like navy blue, charcoal gray or deep plum.

Blur your lines

Smoky eye is meant to be artfully smudged and careful application is quotation, run a crease brush or mini dome brush along your lids to blend out the eye shadow for a signature smoky look and gently smudge the color under your eyes as well.

Stay close to the lashes

Applying a smoky eye is very critical so you have to be critical about how far down you take the make-up, the color shouldn’t extend too much further than you are than your lower lashes.

Clean up

It’s a good thing that you apply the make-up first then clean up with Q-Tips or eye make –up remover to keep it polished.