Weight Loss: The truth about slimming teas.

By: Michelle Nyereyemhuka

Slimming tea is a beverage which is used in order to cut down weight. It claims to help consumers reduce weight without exercise, support metabolism and boost energy. Slimming teas have hit the market recently with the promise that due to its natural state, its safe but how accurate is that claim.

There are various slimming teas that are available on the market such as black teas, flat tummy tea, green tea, licorice root, slimming tea Iasso and many others. They originated from China whom made teas for medicinal purposes which are made up of plants, flowers, leaves and roots. They all work differently which may contain laxatives, diuretics and stimulants.

Laxatives work by letting a consumer go to the bathroom often with the claim that they loose weight .Users assume that the diarrhea passed out is fat, which is not entirely true .The diarrhea will be pure waste because when you eat, the calories would have been absorbed in the small and large intestines. Diarrhea may cause dehydration which affecting the kidney , resulting in kidney failure and muscle weakness. Laxative addiction is common in slimming teas which is a benefit for marketers but dangerous for users.

Some slimming teas consist of diuretics which are also known as water pills. It makes a user lose water through urinary and excretion. Therefore, decreasing water retention. If taken frequently in the longevity it may cause ulcers. Though diuretics are famous for suppressing appetite they may cause eating disorders.

Stimulants are appetite suppressors and increases metabolism. It puts the whole body on fire which means that blood pressure is high and causes faster heart beats.


Slimming teas are not scientifically proven to aid users in losing weight. Due to laxatives and diuretics causing users to lose water through urinary and excretion. The significant weight loss experienced is the loss of water weight. With the use of slimming tea weight loss is insignificant in obese users.

According to Doctor Gwamure slimming teas don’t quiet exist medically, they don’t have mutual guarantee that they work in the long run. For an effective weight loss, the measures taken should target the whole body. However, users who have sworn that slimming teas work also practice a healthy diet and exercise. Though a cup a day won’t bring desired results but with a combination of a good diet and exercise , a small amount of weight loss is recognized.

Slimming teas like green tea and lemon tea have a significant amount of vitamin C which is a benefit to users
It is advisable to seek medical advice before consuming slimming teas and to be aware of its side effects because natural does not mean safe.