How have your failures shaped your life?

By Rutendo Mubvumbi

How many times have you failed in your life that you felt like giving up and leaving behind everything be it a project or initiative? Probably countless for failure is always guaranteed and inevitable. You might be thinking maybe you cursed or it is just life’s karma but just ask anyone, you will probably be shocked to hear the struggles other people go through. The thing is you should not quit just because this or that was not successful or did not come out like you expected.

Failure is important in that it clears and changes the mindset. If you have noticed something, a failed ‘thing’ and it not being given up proves 99% achieved and gained. Why is that? It is because instead of drawing back, keeping up with the ambition and determination creates some neural instinct that allows the brain or you per say to correct where you went wrong or simply just do better than last time.

I have met a few people who have told me to be a builder from my own fails and that anything is possible. They said to me ‘God is too faithful to fail you so do not disappoint Him’. Since then l have inhabited life resume builder around my failures. This is not easy because major failures can take a toll on an individual that is why it is wise to expect a few drawbacks here and there at the same time keeping in mind that anything can be overcomed as long as you want it to be.

Failure does not mean the end ,it just means you need keep on or find a new different approach at life. We learn, grow, thrive and become strong from it. Gaining new perspectives on the world around us, jumping out of our comfort zones and taking that LEAP!