Trending Summer Fashion tips that will never go out of style

By Mollen Rinomhota

Summer is upon us, it’s time to ditch those heavy overcoats and knee-high boots and slip into your sandals and airy cotton clothes. Check out these versatile styles that can be changed up to suit your program throughout the day.
In the morning for a Safari outing like a game drive this tan ensemble of khaki pants paired with an off-white light shirt and a light-weight jacket is ideal for an outdoor outing.

In the afternoon for a lunch date an airy checkered dress synched with a belt is the epitome of comfort this summer. Pair it with round silver earrings and strappy sandals for a low key outdoor lunch date with your beau.
For dinner this cool, butterfly flowy dress will keep you cool throughout the night as you go dancing after dinner. The airy but colorful dress is an eye-catcher, paired with medium heel open stilettos will be perfect for dancing the night away.

Don’t be afraid to let your hair down this summer, relax and pick your clothes and shoes carefully.

Tips on Summer hairstyles

This summer it’s all about choosing a hairstyle that is bright and one which will keep you cool. A short bob with tinted highlights will give a lasting impression and is easy to maintain. It is a hairstyle that is flattering to those with oval faces and it will give attention to the eyes because of the fringe.

A curly short haircut with cropped sides is versatile this summer. It will give one a refreshing look and it is bound to keep you cool because of the tapered sides. It can come in bright tints as well depending on your hair color preferences.

When it comes to the natural look, Bantu knots are an eye-catcher for that natural finish to go with your ethnic attire. Make sure to keep you natural locks moisturized to give them a lustrous finish. Tint can be used to give the Bantu knots a fresh look.

Accessories for this summer

Accessories maketh the outfit that can give you the confidence that you require this summer. Depending on the events that you are going to attend; parties, weddings, funerals, evening functions accessories can give you the boost that you need when it comes to summer fashion trends.

The right wrist bands at the beach can give you the right attention as well as a colorful sarong to cover up but still looking stylish. A well-designed straw hat will serve its purpose in addition to giving you that overall beach vibe.
The perfect matching handbag or one which coordinates with your outfit will boost your confidence whether it is office wear or attending a business meeting. When it comes to jewelry make sure to pick something that will compliment your whole attire without making you look overdressed. Quality is key when choosing earrings and necklaces.

For good hair accessories buy more so as to carefully choose the right ones to match with your outfit, whether it be head scarfs, hairbands, hair ties and fashion hats. Bye-bye winter, hello summer! Embrace it and keep in mind the Mantra “Comfort is key”

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