Every relationship is unique in its own way and people come together for different reasons. Part of having the best out of a relationship is sharing a common goal, vision and character for exactly what you want the relationship to be and where you want it to go and that is only achieved through deep communication and honesty. Let’s be honest…No book or script can ever detail the concept of love. We all don’t understand it but a few basic principles can help keep your relationship meaningful, fulfilling, fun and an explore towards whatever goals you’re working on or challenges faced.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind in a disagreement.

Most couples tend to solve misunderstandings in silence while others shout out loud depending on the level of expression amongst the two. The key is to not be fearful of conflict because no matter how hard we might try to avoid it…in keeping silent ,issues and emotions arise. Be expressive with your partner and talk safely about how you feel without fear of retaliation . Just remember to be respectful and straightly calm to the core.

Communicate openly and honestly

Absolute communication is a key to any success in a relationship. When both sides know what they want and feel at peace and comfortable expressing their needs, fears and the like, trust is increased and generation of strength between the two of you. Tell your partner what you need , don’t make them guess. That is the root of unnecessary arguments .Ladies!

Sync  the mind like one….

Most people  rarely grow to this stage where you are at a point of knowing absolutely what your partner wants, how they think, react etc. This is only achieved through precise insight and attention to your partner’s needs and likes. Communication is a basis here, putting your ego aside and being trustworthy. However, your partner is not a mind reader, they might have an idea but people change . Your partner might sense something but it might not be what you need. BE VOCAL ALWAYS!

Be a good listener and show respect

If you can learn to pay attention and listen in a way that makes the other  person feel valued , you can build a strong relationship. There is a huge difference between listening and hearing . In reality ,women talk a lot and men are supposed to listen attentively but remember it’s two sided so why not apply it at a equal percentage?? Respect of the mind, vocal and body must be common too since the absence of respect means invalidity of all other parts of your partnership.

There are so many tips and principles but the best way is just value each other. Never settle for less ,never settle for more than you can handle. Just be transparent and just be you. And hey…Keep it up on those sweet somethings.