The truth about Depression

By Chitumba Hazel Shamiso

Depression is one of the most things that are destroying human lives but it is not paid attention to. People turn to lose themselves, they lose the mind of living and even stop dreaming. Loneliness is felt whilst there are people to talk to, a lot of things can be said out but you cant say them, you wake up every morning to live but you wish for night to come and question yourself why you are living. It can turn you into a heartless person and no-one will be there to restore your strength, no one is there to teach you to love, to be happy and regain yourself.

Everyone’s downfall bring a dark cloud in his or her life. Though how people react to how they have been affected. It can actually lead to a point of making some decisions because of lack of choice. However those decisions which you made during your downfall, during your desperate times will lead to neglection by the world, being blamed for your decision. lnstead of supporting your view, being happy for you and help you to build yourself, you become the devil of your life, you become the reason for your downfall even if it is beyond your control.

Nomatter how your loss affect you, nomatter how many times you cry, the question will always be “why are you crying? cheer up, is there any reason to cry?, and you are expected to be normal, to pretend as if nothing happened. You are not allowed to express your feelings un anyway because at the end life should go on. Yes it should, but not as it was before but you are expected to be normal, to be who who you were before the loss. Even when you don’t understand why you are living, no one is there to hold your hand and give you light rather you stand on your own, cry on your own and feel the loneliness on your own.

A heartless human being and an antisocial man is the offspring of being alone. People will be around you but you fail to talk to them or be around them. You become a heartless person who doesn’t care about how other people are surviving just because you have your emotional situation on your own and no one was there to help you heal. People neglected you when you needed them the most and you rebuilt your strength on your own. When pain changes you into an anti social creature, after the loss you feel inferior, you feel different from others without anyone to remind you why you are living, spend time with you and depression can actually destroy you.

As human beings we have the ability to love, care ,listen ,share and respect each other that’s why we cant let depression destroy our dear ones ,we have to care and protect our dear ones. Depression may result from different situations and they affect us differently therefore we should bring light to those in darkness, future to those who have stopped dreaming, love to those who are heartbroken and hope to the hopeless.