The man behind the camera

By Buhlebenkosi Nkomo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this rings true to Visuals by Corey’s photography.

The iconic pictures have a magnetic force that draws people in and tells different stories at different moments. People are captivated and allured by his visually artistic pictures.

For the Bulawayo-based photographer, Mr Phillip Chipeta,what began as a hobby has since led to him being recognised as one of the best photographers in the city.

“Its always exciting to getting that recognition… I was honored,” he said.

When asked about what inspired his brand name, the photographer noted that it emanated from how he takes pictures and how some know him as Corey.

For Chipeta, his work is inspired by the environment that surrounds him.

“Honestly, i am a weird guy. Everywhere I go I see pictures and whatever i see, its a potential image. And most of the pictures that people go crazy over are shot on a smartphone.

” Most people think having a camera you are automatically a photographer,well its not the case… It takes a lot of creativity,talent and passion to be one.”

Through his dedication and hard work, Chipeta has shown that the road to photography is not an easy one. It requires a lot of time, learning and creativity amongst other essentials.