The famous hairstyle every guy probably wants. Who nailed it?

By Mary Tembo

Late socialite Genius Kadungure

This funky cornrow hairstyle, braided very close to the scalp has been trending in Zimbabwe since the late socialite Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi rocked it sometime last year. As a trendsetter, he definitely caused a wave as we now see a lot of socialites and ordinary people getting the same hairstyle. Well, you might be wondering where it originated… Africa, Cornrows are originally from Africa .

They date back to as far as the nineteenth century. Ethiopia was probably where it was most popular, kings and warriors were recognized by the braided hairstyle. The hairstyle can arguably be referred to as just a form of self expression.

It may seem to have joined the scene recently but it was already there since time immemorial though of course there might have been modified with a few accessories and variations added to suit other current local trends.

The famous hairstyle has garnered a lot of likes on social media with many influential figures getting it too. It came to the limelight with Kit Kat ,Ginimbi’s friend then we saw Dj Rimo, getting it too and of course Dj Towers and Fally Ipupa Jnr, Stunner, King 98 and then Passion Java and the list goes on, maybe you are next?

See the pictures below:

Who do you think nailed this look? and which celebrity do you want to see rocking this hairstyle? comment below: