By: Gift Tarupiwa

Pleasant greetings. This is Gift Tarupiwa and it’s my trust that you’re doing well. Through sharing the learning I get from my experience in life, I am committed to inspiring you into becoming the best version of yourself.

Being unemployed is widely regarded as a misfortune and disadvantage. This is due to the situation that upon coming into existence, we are unknowingly initiated into a system that programs us to only live to do something for a living at the expense of living to do something, parallel to fully enjoying the magnificence of life. Nonetheless, at the apex of understanding life, you realize that there’s no greater blessing than being unemployed.

Employment is modernised slavery meant to use the fearful’s potential in managing and developing systems that best serve the success and convenience of the rich elite. Truth be told, no one can lead a fulfilling life being an employee. For that cause, I have thought of articulating the unrealized benefits of unemployment, aiming to turn a hopeless nobody out there into an outstanding entrepreneur.

Unemployment gives one exclusive power over the management of their time. Time is the most invaluable resource at our disposal. In as much as it is freely given to us, we can not own it. Our ability is limited to only decide and manage what we do with and within it. In failing to responsibly use it, we regrettably lose it. In that case, having the liberty to decide what to do with and within time is the most decisive human privilege.

Absolute power over time management is the foundation for attaining permanent financial freedom. This speaks to the point that being unemployed creates an opportunity for stupendous personal success. In as much employment gives some constant financial security, it’s not the path to financial abundance. Simply put, there’s no occupation meant to give people enough money to live the life of their dreams.

The league of the most successful people is made up of those who come to the profound realisation of the enslaving systems of employment and decide to formulate innovative business ideas to free themselves in every aspect of life. Employment closes the mind to financial intelligence skills. Financial intelligence is understanding that you can get handsomely paid without being employed.

Unemployment is the doorway to sustainable happiness and fulfilment. Though having a job helps one meet some basic financial needs, most people go to work only for money at the expense of their fulfilment. Money that doesn’t come along with fulfilment can’t give one true success. True success is in having sheer control over the management of your time. It’s sad to note that quite a number of us spend their entire lifetimes without ever deciding what to do with and within their time because of commitment to employment.

Life on this planet is too short to be spent according to fixed programs that largely serve others. In being unemployed, one gets more time to spend with their loved ones. This is one of the priceless privileges of life. Many people go for months and in some cases, years, without seeing their families due to being tied to some job.

Unemployment opens the mind to creativity and innovation. The pressure that comes with committing to some job leaves less space in the mind for one to think outside the box of their status quo. Out of the box thinking is the basis for entrepreneurship. In a nutshell, being unemployed is an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. On the other hand, unemployment liberates one to do many things within a limited period.

Entrepreneurship is key to attaining balanced success. Success that is only based on financial liberty is not complete. One needs to have unrestricted power to do what they want with their time to lead a fulfilling life. Most importantly, unemployment gives one the chance to discover who they truly are. This is the foundation for tremendous self-development and actualization. It’s very possible to be knowledgeable of everything in this life and yet be unconscious of yourself. Self-awareness inspires one to make the most of their potential, make relevant choices and decisions and take meaningful actions.

Well, I trust this information is a push-forward inspiration that has left you a step further on your journey to the farthest point of self-development and actualization.

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