South Africans and Zimbabweans sit Tino Chinyani all the way down for being too corky.

It’s not everyday that you see the two neighbouring countries playing allies on social media but on Wednesday this wasn’t the case at all. In fact it could have been the first time South Africans and Zimbabweans have shared a similar perspective. This came after the 25 year old, South African based Zimbabwean model, Tino Chinyani took to social media to announce that he is “off the market” as he and his new girlfriend Simz Ngema (who had recently lost her husband due to gun violence 2 months into their marriage).

However, despite this being great news, it was this tweet from Tino Chinyani which triggered the keyboard warriors

“Ladies your boyfriends can finally breathe, you are welcome.”

The warriors of black twitter went straight to twitter and Instagram comment sections to express their disgust with the tweet, many females pointing out that he only looks great but doesn’t have the money to actually bless them so they don’t really care and were just happy that he had grown up.

Tell us what you think? Is this an overreaction from the fans or it’s well in check ?