Seh Calaz new hairstyle: Here is what his mother thinks

Lesson learned: Change is always a good thing

Ever have the itch to make a serious haircut change? We experience this just about every day. Lucky for us, the most iconic celebrity Seh Calaz recently took to Instagram to show off his dramatic new hairstyle, in which he debuted a fabulous “Mwari Makanaka.”

The dancehall musician revealed the legendary afro hairstyle. Everybody knows at least one 80s song or movie featuring a cool guy with a big afro on his head. Seh Calaz used to have dreadlocks we believe for over a period of let’s say 6 years.

Here is his new look:

The new hairstyle came with a lot of questions from his fans and also his mother shared his thoughts on the new style. His mother through a WhatsApp conversation with him said:

Very nice Tawanda. Kwasara ndebvu ubve wanatso buda neat zvakanaka. Wozodzorera waakuenda kubasa logs.

Seh Calaz’s Mother

In responding to comments from his fans that he has now matured, Seh Calaz had this to say:

Haha Hanzi hee mazuvano wa mature haha fombo, Maturity hakusi kubvumirana nezvaunoda or kufarira munhu waunoda, kana kusimbisa zvaunoda, aiwa blazo, inin ndine nguva yangu nemuwono wangu ndoga wakasiyana newako wandakapihwa na Nyadenga.

Seh Calaz posted on his Instagram story

An Afro cut is one that embraces and celebrates the natural texture, thickness, and volume of black men’s hair. Traditionally it features a lot of volume, with the hair combed up and out into a rounded shape. It gained popularity in the 60s and 70s as part of the Civil Rights movement and expression of racial pride.

What are your thoughts on Seh Calaz’s new hairstyle? Share your opinion below: