POEM: “I am a writer”

The question that was popular when I was growing up was, “what do you want to be when you grow up. This question was so trivial to me because at the time I didn’t have any answers to it. I was certain however, that I was going to be big. I never envisioned myself in the hospital theatre with a scalpel trying to save a man from his horrible nightmare neither did I imagined myself in the courtroom being the only resolution between a man’s freedom and impending prison. I never for moment fantasized about being one of the heroes i know but i knew my destiny rode in the back of my imagination.

In case you are wondering who I am I am a liar and a truth teller.
Been reading books of great men and all fairytales and myths and i clearly don’t make it on that list. My journey is never going to be documented my journey is to document great tales
In case you are still wondering who I am
I am not Maya angelou, neither am I nelson Mandela but surely with well crafted words of wisdom, and the sword of truth
I can and yes I will brutally slaughter ignorance and set you free from the chains of captivity which bind you.
I am the revolution and I am the bulldozer that leaves no stone unturned
I create tales that I and my imagination only know ,
I create wars and make peace
I can make you cry and smile
I can make you fall in love in summer
And break your heart in winter
I can take you around the world
To the sunny beaches, the rich green forests, the dark nights, the desert and the city lights.
I can give you to the world.
I am nothing but an ordinary hero clothed in armour of wisdom, driven by a wild imagination and a vicious need to be heard to be felt and to make a change.

Done by Munashe Musenge