Nyanga – A Winter Wonderland

By: Leslie Stark

Nyanga this time of the year is cold, misty and absolutely beautiful. The rolling hills and icy streams flowing from grey topped mountains in the morning are a must see. We got ourselves a cottage overlooking a cliff. In the mornings you walk to the edge of the cliff and look into the valley, awash with thick mist and monkey noises, then smell the different fragrances swirling in the still air . There is nothing like it. The peacefulness and the fresh morning air are incomparable to anything I have ever experienced.

Something I have never been able to understand about Nyanga is that most of the cottages are made of stone, big heavy grey stone residences is the norm here. A local explained that the reason was because stone kept heat. That made sense and heat is the key to your stay in Nyanga in May, June and July. All the cottages here have some form of house heating whether it’s a centrally hung fireplace, a fireplace or aircon which I feel defeats the purpose of experiencing natures elements. One of the big hotels suited out with a mini lake and horse rides and a mini falls, always has a huge log placed in an enormous fire place welcoming guests as they enter the hotel. If you want to wake up and step out into your front lawn, observe cute duck families swimming on a glass like lake with frosty mountains towering above then you need to rent one of the timeshares available on the hotel.

The best times spent in Nyanga include the natural falls found in the National Park called Mutarazi falls. The walk there is worth it and I always thought going by car didn’t make you appreciate nature the way it was intended. The walk, I lie not, is mostly uphill and quite long and winding. Its unfortunate that you are not allowed to dip your feet into the puddles formulated on the stones on the sides of the waterfall IN SUMMER.

World View is breath takingly beautiful and reminds you that there is a Creator. As you stand on the top looking into the valley, the peacefulness and beauty is unmatchable. When I went there I took a walk down into the valley, taking pictures along the way. I don’t think one can take enough pictures of Nyanga and its attributes.

There are plenty lovely put together restaurants to eat at all over Nyanga mostly hotels though. Nyanga town has a number of take outs which personally I have never tried. There is a few Chicken Inn like places scattered around the area but again I have never eaten there. The town has ATM’s, petrol stations, grocery shops and you can find just about everything in the however Nyanga lacks entertainment even in the hotels except Mountclaire which offers possibly the only entertainment available in the place. It has a full house Casino with music and all the card games manned by highly efficient dealers who are very friendly. Waiters are plentiful and ensure your are well ‘watered’ during your visit.

When going on holiday to Nyanga bear in mind that you are going to spend a lot of time in nature and the whole reason of visiting such a place is to leave the city and all its associates behind. Its not uncommon to be in a villa without wifi, telephones or network. This is the time to relax go on long nature walks, enjoy wine and good food under shady trees or misty landscapes.