Music is a social university for our people: Ganjahtrix

By Memory Mudzani

Tavona Kevin Padoro who is popularly known as Ganjahtrix recently said that music is a social university for people in the society as its shapes the culture, motivates the people and educate them.

During an interview, Ganjahtrix said music is the one of the things that shapes the community, their culture and it also educate them.

“I can say music is   a social university for our people as it shapes the society, motivates people and also educate them so as artist we have to properly play our role ”,said  Ganjatrix

Tavona Kevin Padoro who used to be known as Jah Bless said he has rebranded his name to Ganjahtrix because he wants a name that will stand out as he is now targeting the global market

 He said that he was born an artist, he grew up loving music until he discovered himself and become a musician.

Ganjahtrix told this reporter that he tries the best to play his role to entertain, educate and motivates people through his music.

He also said that he is going to release a new album on the 4th of September titled ‘born to lead’ which he said it is an interesting and educative album of all his albums he has released previously.

Padoro said he hasn’t drop out of the industry during this covid19 but rather he adapted to the new world of using social media because he knows that he has a long way to go and also has a role to play.

Ganjahtrix also encourage  people who are new into music  industry to be persistent because  music industry have got many challenges but they  have to put into mind that they have to  play their  role in  shaping the society  as music is  a social university for people , it shapes the way people think , act and their way of life .