Motivation when in Pain

The experience of pain gives birth to the most powerful motivation to act for positive change. When we undergo pain, it is always because of either an unwanted situation or terrible circumstance.

By: Gift Tarupiwa

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Gift Tarupiwa

Being caught up in the perimeters of existence we in one way or another find ourselves experiencing pain. It may be physical or emotional pain, depending on the circumstances leading to such a horrendous fate. Because of the negative impact of pain on us, we preferably would not want to go through it. Sadly, it is not within our power to evade it. In that case, we are bound to undergo this unpleasant experience as long as we are on this planet.

Though pain is apparently a terrible experience, it has some positive influence on our ability to act for positive change. A remarkable percentage of all the people who make it to the space of phenomenal personal success had pain as their major motivation to rise and bring about positive change to their lives. I personally am a practical witness to the power of the motivation that comes with undergoing pain. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have achieved anything meaningful and worth recognition had it not been for the motivation I drew from the experience of pain. In this writing, I will share with you some experiential learning I got pertaining to having used pain as a motivation to act for positive change.

The experience of pain gives birth to the most powerful motivation to act for positive change. When we undergo pain, it is always because of either an unwanted situation or terrible circumstance. No matter what the actual cause of the pain may be, there is always some positive change to be made in response to such an unpleasant experience. The understanding of the positive influence of pain is not only found in the human fraternity. Some animals also use the experience of pain to achieve positive results.

Taking for instance; When the mother eagle is raising her eaglets, she gives them optimum and tender care for them to grow strong and healthy. She makes some cosy nest for them. As the eaglets continue growing, there comes a time when they will have to learn how to fly. At this point, the mother eagle will put thorns in the nest where the eaglets will be staying. The pricking pain from the thorns will make the eaglets uncomfortable. This experience will mark the beginning of a process that will eventually see the eaglets learning how to fly.

Being in pain, our minds open up to accept the truth as it is. Though we may be aware of the realities of life, we barely embrace them unless some painful experiences force us to. The acceptance of the truth sets the stage for a life of wisdom and freedom. The experience of pain pushes us out of the comfort zone and activates the idle abilities in us. There are things we will never do until the experience of pain give us a crucial reason to decisively act.

Pain gives birth to definite resolutions for us to work to the best of our abilities in bringing about positive change in our lives. When we are experiencing pain, we transcend the influence of fear on our ability to rise and achieve extraordinary things. In other words, pain is a source of the courage needed to embark on new ventures. Whenever you undergo pain, take time to consider what positive influences such an experience will be having on you. Use the pain to embrace the truth as it is, jump out of the comfort zone and decisively act for positive change. Given that it is embraced and responsibly used, the experience of pain is one of the greatest blessings of this life.

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