The King of RnB Making Moves Despite The Lockdown.

#Zvakosha |#Zviri_Necessary

It’s none other than the Nation’s king of RnB Trevor Dongo.

Not only does he have the nation on its toes with his new Lockdown Live show called Thirsty Thursday but he is also leaving them yearning for more. He just released a single featuring JXB-XKLSVL called Zvatichazova on the 3rd of August 2020.The song has his fans eating out of his palms. His fans are on the mission of a dance challenge for Zvatichazova.

Thirsty Thursday

The show keeps on improving each and every Thursday. The fans are crying out for more hours of the show since they can’t get enough of him. The king is giving majority of his fans hope of ever finding love through his music. While some of his devotees are anticipating to meet their soul mates on the show, there is a major question which most of his fans have been dropping in the comments section ” Is he single or committed?” Well he hasn’t responded to the question but the majority seems to be crushing on the Musician.

Zvakakosha Apparel Clothing Brand

Not only has the Musician been busy with his music so it seems like he has a clothing brand that has been advertised on social media. Isn’t that an upgrade? Certainly it is an amazing attainment to have an artist pushing in all departments. A road to success is not easy but dedication and commitment works.We wish nothing but the best to Mr Charmer.