“I’m still young to be in a relationship”~ Herman speaks

Young Star Herman

We get that everyone needs some type of love in their lives. Most of us have already heard a love song or two that made us feel emotional. Love songs generally talk about emotions, emotional experiences and usually generate feelings in their listeners with their well-crafted lyrics and melodies.

But how did writers of love songs come up with these great love songs? Many would thought that most musicians who sing about love, have at some point experienced it. But not in the case of 14 year old musician, Herman. His first song that made him famous was about love and along the lyrics he says that he doesn’t do drugs or alcohol but likes girls. The lyric goes like:

“Fodya, doro, ndogona kusiya zvirinyore, asi vaskana”


Speaking exclusively to Zimpapers TV Network, Young Star Herman said that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and is still to young to fall in love or be in relationships. He was also asked about how he reacts to girls at his school and he said that he takes it normal.

He seems to be a very focused young man, we are just wondering the quality of music he will start to produce when he starts dating.

Checkout his latest song “Ahhh” below: