“I had given up on my music career, but Pop didn’t” How it all started with Anita & Poptain

Anita Jaxson and Poptain (Source: Instagram)

We’re all human, and there are so many reasons standing between you and your professional dream. Like any lofty goal, you’ll get farther with support than if you try going it alone. This was the case in the music journey of Anita Jaxson according her recent throwback post. She said she had given up on her music career and decided to focus on her 8-5 job because it seemed easier that way rather than following her music journey.

According to the post, Poptain played a huge role in uplifting and encouraging Anita to continue her music career as he told her that she has a grift and she needs to share it with the world. The two first met at Pabloz where she was working in 2018. And then later on in 2020 when she had given up, Poptain popped again asking her to feature on his upcoming song “Duffle bag”. She said ever since the day Poptain convinced her to continue her music journey, the two went to Leekaydiman studio and her life changed. He then introduced her to CreativeKulture Africa Management and has been her home ever since.

Checkout their first collaboration below:

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Poptain was right, Anita is gifted. Checkout some of her songs below:

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