Ginimbi song making waves

By Buhlebenkosi Nkomo

Multi-award winning musician, Mzoe 7, recently released the track “Ginimbi” which has taken Bulawayo by storm and is making big waves.

The song is named after the late millionaire Genius Ginimbi Kadungure. It is about a hardworking young man who celebrates his success with his friends and shows them some appreciation for their support.

Although the song is still fresh, the musician is floored by how his song has done, even citing how it has become a dance challenge.

“It makes me feel good because I’m also in the service of providing entertainment thus making people feel good,” he said.

The hitmaker cited how he appreciated the support and went further to thank his fans and radio stations too for airing his song.

“I would like to thank all radio stations for bumping up the song and everyone who has been giving to it in all the shows I have performed it.”

“It was a sing along at a show I had this past weekend at the HUB where I shared the stage with Freeman.

The musician’s words can be summarized as follows:

“I realised that the people around me make me a better person. They inspire me, they help me see my potential and empower me especially mentally. I also drew inspiration from from the late Genius who I believe was a hardworker.

“The video was done by Rasquesity Keaitse / Keaitse Films at Tshabalala township and also Nketha at the new established Balcony area because i also draw inspiration from them, the people around me the infrastructure, the love they give me and the support,” he said.

The music video of the song featured Ben Chest, Umcimbi kaFofo, Thandy,Subharu the dancer whilst Klobber Fusion did the wardrobe.