Getting Personal with Tarryn Talana… Woman driving Change in arts.

By Constance Chinho

Music nurtures and captivates the soul. The music industry has been dominated by male but for past century women have penetrated the industry and leaving footprints. I was lucky enough to get an interview with one of amazing women who is taking the music industry by storm and changing it’s face, Tarryn Talana. She is a songwriter, singer, producer and owner of audio recording studio Tarryn Talana studios.

Connie: As a singer and songwriter what pushed you to say I should have a studio?

 Tarryn Talana: I wanted to build a home for musicians. My passion for trying to push other artists and also unknown artists around me. Of course myself too I write a lot of songs. I also wanted to create a space for new talent to feel what its like to record in a studio. My other goal was to unite artists in Bulawayo breakdown the barriers, Kasi meets Suburbs.

Her studio has become a home as she offers free recording to those who cannot afford it. She is definitely being the change and making it one step at a time by leading, being the example and paving a way for others to follow.

Connie:  What challenges have you faced so far after establishing your studio. As a woman what are some of challenges you have faced it being an industry dominated by man?

Tarryn Talana: The challenges I faced were first of all the fact that I’m a woman in a male dominated industry. It’s difficult to get people to take you seriously when you’re a woman so you always have to put extra effort just to be seen and heard. Sometimes people feel you get special treatment because of the pretty face and it’s difficult for people to actually see your passion when they looking at your face. Also I grew up in Mashonaland so I guess me being from there and building a studio in Bulawayo was also an issue at some point.

Connie: Have you encountered a difficult client and if so how did you handle the situation

 Tarryn Talana: I have encountered many difficult clients, I have the ability to calm people down, the client is always right, whenever there is a misunderstanding I always ensure I hear the client out and make sure whenever we are doing a song or anything for that particular client they are always a part of the production process.

Connie : Ok, so looking at your challenges what are some of the strategies you come up with to make yourself well recognized?

 Tarryn Talana: Well I had to start working with some  well-known people who have been in the Bulawayo music industry for some time one of them is Blessing StotBass Sitotombe with him in my corner I got the recognition I needed to push the vision. I also managed to build relationships with artists from different areas and backgrounds, and then got them in the studio together to work on something so that on its own made a huge wave. It’s still a work in progress trying to deal with the issues that come with being a woman who owns a studio. One step at a time.

Connie : And what are your future plans in regard of the studio

 Tarryn Talana: I plan to plant Tarryn Talana Studio’s all over Zimbabwe, and also maybe across the border too, with the same vision of uplifting artists and getting unknown artists to experience what its like to be in a recording studio.