Easy makeup hacks that every beginner should know about

By Nyasha Manzou °Sha_Sha-H°

Beauty, it is something that give pleasure to the senses. When it comes to glamming up, most of us prefer getting our makeup done by professionals. Their techniques and knowledge are far better and they always make us look perfect. But keeping the current situation in mind, it has become very difficult to get a professional to do our makeup. But this doesn’t mean that you will not glam up. You can look your perfect self even during your zoom meetings.

With some patience and practice, you can perfect yourself and become a makeup pro. And to help you get there, we share with you some easy makeup hacks that all beginner must bookmark.

They are cosmetics applied to face to improve or change your appearance. Beauty Aides are items used to improve physical appearance Therefore, in my own sight of view ,I just know that makeup is there to enhance your beauty. Improving your beauty ain’t a bad issue ,it just needs you to do it very well, not overdoing it. Makeup makes one confident and it brings and add vibrant to your look. Natural beauty is okay too!

Some Beauty Products Are Sold By:

Types Of Beauty Aides:
•grooming products e.g lotions, perfumes,shampoos
•decorative Items e.g jewelry
•physocal marts e.g tatoos and scars
•grooming items e.g hair brushes, combs and clips.v

Major Items Used To Enhance Beauty:
•eye liner
•eyebrow brush
•eye shadows
•eyebrow pencil
•lip gloss
•lip liner
{these are in make up products group.}

Why should one wear makeup?
-to look attractive.
-to feel confident.
-to draw attention away from the features one like less.
-for self expression.
-to change appearance of our age.
-to cover scars and blemishes.
-to identify one’s culture.
-enhance one’s strong feature.

Types of Foundation

When Choosing A Shade For Foundation, Consider:
³.type of skin
⁴.skin tone

Therefore ,beauty aids have been there in the existence for many centuries. Time moves, so the use of make up is now common. The type of wearing it has evolved too. Wear makeup and feel better. Give a vibrance to your look!!!

Compiled By Nyasha Manzou °Sha_Sha-H°