Daily Motivation: Never Give Up!!!

By Chitumba Hazel S

Giving up after an unbearable circumstance is not a solution and it is not for the strong ones but for the weak. Only the weak will think giving up is the solution but the strong ones will keep fighting especially when they are about to give up.

You may find yourself crying and grieving because of a certain circumstance which may even lead you to losing everything. Everything that you have, everything in your hands, everyone that you thought was on your side would be gone but there is one important thing that you are left with. THAT IS YOU!

Do not give up because you have lost it all, you are that matters and you are going to bring the best to the world. You have the ability to bring everything back and even make, you still have the ability to reach your dreams.

Your braveness is shown when you are alone ,when you have nothing but at the end you work to get everything. You can stand and be yourself. Do not give up but give yourself a strong motivation which no one else will give you because if you give up on yourself no-one will be strong for you.

Anthony Robbin posits that “Nothing has any power over me than that which l give it through my conscious thought”

Therefore do not give up because you are the only left with yourself, your thought and your goal can come true if and only if you have yourself.

Never Give Up! Never Give Up!