Daily dose of motivation~ Ita zviripo!!!

By Tafadzwa

Carefree independent man with dark skin, stands back at camera, stretches hands as holding world, feels freedom, wears blue casual vest, enjoys panoramic view with sunrise. Recreation concept

Today after a long day of firefighting and delegating tasks and editors breathing down my neck for deadlines almost missed ,angry significant others ,younger siblings looking up to me for solutions to their own problems I managed to steal an hour for myself and decided to go visit my barber ,it’s a belief men don’t go to the shrink they go to the barber so I was due for an appointment and walking into the familiar territories promised refresh for sun parched soul which has been in dire need of a drink from the fountain of wisdom.

I patiently awaited my turn and not long before an array of issues began pouring of our beloved men and it also made me realize the pressure these gentle giants called men go through and how they so eager to talk as the current system of them bottling up has been hazardous a few of our fellow brothers have been taking their lives. Even though this hasn’t been like an official thing but men are now taking issues of mental health serious meaning we’ll laugh after the problem has been solved.

After what seemed a long time we began to talk about a plethora of issues and many revolved around money and how to get more and on guy who was in the corner said something hat stuck to me even as inwriting this piece he said “ita zviripo, ndiwe unoziva kwaurikuenda”

Man jumping over impossible or possible over cliff on sunset background,Business concept idea

He then used an illustration of a man who on his way to work picks up 100 dollar bill and he says after the man’s contemplation he realized that 100 was not enough and should have picked up maybe 200,300 or more …..the morale of the story is where ever you are there is a better version of that but its up to you to choose to act on now and the things that you can control for instance you want to start a business instead of waiting fir 1000to start the perfect business ita zviripo just start because the important thing is a consistent march of small steps over irregular bag sized steps.

To elaborate more a designer might want to create a bigger portfolio by taking in more client in a shoe=rt amount of time ruining his ability to produce quality work and even have the turnaround time way late but my advise would ita zviripo excel with 5 clients having a overflow of creativity and producing your best and getting a good old thumbs up by your clients guarantees more clients

If you are looking to lose that extra lockdown weight workout but remember overloading yourself will not magically get you the results you want but a consistent habit of workout ,its more healthy and your progress is more beneficial as it’s not hurried remember you cam not hurry perfection whilst that big idea of your is stull in the works don’t relax and sit ,ita zviripo

Ask yourself this question what can I do now that contributes to my future ,my goals and what I want in life ?this could mean not eating a certain way or even mean resorting to some behavior people might find queer but at the end of that dsa it is you wihs is the guardian of your destiny and you choose what happens to you and what you do now you’ll pay for later

In conclusion always know there’s something you can do today for you tomorrow nonmatter how small because at the end of the day if you don’t put in the work no one will and the small steps you take count for something our perceptions have been altered d by those who make it seem like its either you do it big or don’t do it at all .Ita zviripo, do something about your future learn a skill ,network ,stay fit ,learn how to trade, build a social media following but as you are waiting for the big reveal ita zviripo!!!!

The author is a certified life coach, teambuilding trainer and copywriter who believes that each individual holds the key to all their problems and if they choose to take responsibility, they can achieve great things