Being A Model And A Beauty Therapist

1. What inspired you to pursue modeling?

Modelling was part of my childhood dream list and it always peaked in my mind while growing up. I enjoyed watching TV and reading a lot of magazines as a young girl and that amplified my love for modelling. Magazines were such a big thing then and i would always fantasise that i was a model after seeing other international models doing their thing. I used to imitate models and the joyful feeling that I experienced never left me.

    2.What kind of challenges have you faced so far as a young African woman in the entertainment industry? 

Opinions from people. People always feel the need to pass their comment and give an opinion regarding an individual’s lifestyle and the people involved.

3.Did you face any obstacles in joining the industry and how did you overcome them? 

Getting into the industry was not much of a challenge , Modelling paved a way for my engagement in everything else I do.

4. How do you juggle your busy schedule as a model, beauty therapist and a mother?

I have an amazing support system behind me. My family and friends are my biggest cheerleaders and this makes it easier for me to face the world. Time alone is also essential, i give myself time to unwind and ruminate about my life in order to regroup and avoid overworking myself .

5. Tell me more about your beauty therapy?

I do advanced beauty treatments which I studied with CIDESCO. My best-loved treatments include electrical treatments in which i get to work with machines. I enjoy challenges that enable me to grow intellectually. Skin is still at the top of my list due to it’s complexity and comprehensive construct.

6.  I have noticed that you have created your own work out routines, how is that going for you ? ,would you please share some of your tips with us.

My lifestyle is what keeps me fit. I am constantly on my feet due to the nature of my job and my little ones at home. My active lifestyle and a healthier food choice has helped in maintaining my body.

7. What is your vision for the upcoming 5-10 years? 

I want to be counted amongst the selective royalties in this country and the continent as a whole .That will open bigger doors and platforms to portray what I love doing. II want to explore my capabilities and invest them in business engagements all around the world.

    8.What did you study – was it in this field or something different? (Beauty therapy ) 

After High School i enrolled into the University of Zimbabwe as a Law Student. I studied Law for 2 years, dropped out then later studied Aesthetics and Physiatrics.

 9.   What is your typical day as a Beauty Therapist? 

Get to work, check my schedule for the day, prepare the treatment rooms for my appointments with clients. I spend every single day meeting interesting people and having fruitful coversations with them while pampering them, only if they don’t sleep during treatments ( she laughed).

10. Who is behind Your fashion sense in terms of dressing yourself and your kids,? 

I’m behind what i wear, I don’t have a stylist. I sometimes get inspiration on the internet,say on pintrest but i largely attribute my style to myself. As for the kids, both the father and I contribute to their style but i influence most of what they wear.

11.Does modeling and Beauty Therapy have anything to do with your fashion sense?

In a way i suppose. (she shrugged)

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