An inside look into the EP Club Genesis

By Buhlebenkosi Nkomo

Born Truman Mlilo, upcoming musician Mlilo De Priest recently dropped an EP titled Club Genesis which tackles issues such as the party life amongst youths. I had the privilege of interviewing him about his EP.

Hle Nkomo: I know you recently released an EP, how well has it been doing?

Mlilo De Priest: To be honest I feel like that release was rather premature, because I released it in May. So it didn’t do so well because hadn’t gathered enough ears for it. I wanna release another one early next year. I feel now I have gathered ears and a bit of awareness.

Hle Nkomo: Given that, how did you venture into Amapiano music?

Mlilo De Priest: I was always a big fan of the genre since it’s underground days before the general public even knew it existed. Plus it’s more of a hybrid of deep house mixed with kwaito and those were my favorite genres growing up, it was only natural. I love how the genre places importance on the producer more as compared to other genres, so I wanted to do a genre where my production skills will be more appreciated.

Hle Nkomo: So who or what inspires your music?

Mlilo De Priest: What inspires my music is that I wanna introduce a new sound to the genre, a new, never heard before sound which I believe in so much. In terms of who? It’s DJ Maphorisa. I love how he turned amapiano into a lifestyle, which I’m also trying to do here in Zim, I’m trying to introduce this lifestyle through this event called the Glow Sunday for local amapiano

Hle Nkomo: Amongst the musicians that you have worked with, who has been your most favourite and why?

Mlilo De Priest: SheKnows Koko of Club Excellence because he’s the most flexible person musically and half of what I know production wise I got it from him. It’s very easy to work with him because he’s brilliant and he know everything there is to know musically. Also because every time I work with him I learn something new.

Hle Nkomo: What is your favourite song to listen to in the EP?

Mlilo De Priest: Rova Ngoma.. featuring Sean B and Smallfeet. Mostly because I wrote it and it speaks to my personal experiences and the way it was expressed by the vocalists.. it was perfect

Hle Nkomo: Who would you love to work with in the future?

Mlilo De Priest: Our very own ShaSha because she is an inspiration. She is regarded by many as the Queen of amapiano