All About Fitpreneurship With Sharlyne Makawa

Sharlyne Makawa is a wife, mother of four and a fitness trainer.
1. What is fitness according to you? 

Fitness to me is a whole lifestyle not just exercise. It’s what you eat ; your state of mind and being active. Overall well being.

2. How do you describe your diet?

My diet is mostly real whole foods. I try to stay away from processed foods. I also follow a mostly low carb diet.

2.Tips you use to stay in shape when it comes to fitness.

Eat healthy clean real food. Leave the processed junk. Lots of veg and lean protein. Live an active lifestyle. If you can get in a 30-45 min workout at least 3 days of the week. A good 30 min walk 3-4 days of the week can do wonders for your health and mind . Its mind body and soul. Try not to stress.

4.Do you have a training schedule for your clients, if so how many days and hours in a week?

Yes i have a schedule for my clients. We have 4 workout days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday .

5.The diet you advice your clients to stick to?

My client’s diets differ depending on their fitness goal. For weightloss I usually advise a low carb diet. For body building I would advise a higher protein diet so it differs from client to client.

6.How do you motivate yourself?

I stay motivated by having friends around me that are also fitness junkies. We motivate each other and have to be accountable so it makes the journey easier. Plus just the image of how I want to look and feel gets me going.

7.Do you have a platform where you keep your clients motivated. How do you keep your clients motivated?

I have WhatsApp groups for my clients to keep them motivated we are constantly talking about our journeys and posting our food and fitness advice. I also have a fb and Instagram page @sharlss_fitculture that I post on most days.

8.What type of food does one have to avoid when you are in the fitness process?

I would suggest staying away from processed low nutritional value foods. Fast food and very high carb content foods. As well as fizzy and sugary drinks.

9.Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

In 5 years I hope to have built a big brand. Have a couple of fitness studios around. Pushing health awareness to a wider audience.

10.What would you advise someone to eat while exercising to lose weight?

For someone trying to lose weight I would suggest a low carb diet. Stop all junk and fast food . Loads of water and whole healthy foods.

11. Who Is your fitness influencer?

I really look up to Evonne Mudzingwa founder of Eve’s wellness boutique. She has done wonders in the fitness industry in Zim. I love her bootcamps and all the events she does and she has grown to be a household name in the Zim fitness industry.

12.What is your idea of required adequate training?

I think adequate training would be to incorporate strength and cardio training together. I find too many people especially ladies concentrate on cardio only and shy away from from lifting weights because they think they will end up with a Male physique which is far from true. To have a well rounded training program incorporate both strength and cardio.