2021 Toyota Land-cruiser review & the bad news for Zimbabwe

By Elijah Dhanda

The Toyota Land-cruiser is arguably the most legendary car. It’s also one of the longest-running models still on the road. The LC300 is a sporting a 3.3-litre twin-turbo-diesel good for 227kW and 700Nm, and serving up a 3.5-tonne braked towing capacity. That’s powerful enough to pull every other off road vehicle from the HiLux (500Nm), Ford Ranger (500Nm) and Mitsubishi Triton (430Nm), and VW Amarok (580Nm).

On top of that as expected for a Toyota Land-cruiser, there is its legendary off-road capability, with the new Toyota Landcruiser 300 series to offer a wading depth of 700mm, ground clearance of 235mm, an approach angle of 32 degrees and a departure angle of 25 degrees.

Toyota doesn’t redesign the Land Cruiser too often and when they do they do it exceptionally well. So the arrival of this new 300-series model is a big deal. The new design doesn’t look radically different from the current model, but the front end has a more prominent grille and a snazzier lighting setup, while the rear has new taillights and a reshaped tailgate.

Inside, the cabin benefits from a significant upgrade with a large tablet-style infotainment screen and a cleaner dashboard layout. The 300 series also comes with a ten-speed automatic transmission and—naturally—four-wheel drive are standard across the board.

Three rows of seats will be available, and the third row appears to fold into the floor—a change from the current model, which requires you to flip and fold the way-back seats up towards the windows for more cargo capacity.
Toyota has yet to reveal the exact technical details of the new LandCruiser, including the layout and specifications of the cooling system. Given the brand’s experience with hot climates, however, there’s no doubt plenty of testing and certification has taken place.

On safety, a review will be made available as soon as more information is availed by Toyota. The bad news for Zimbabwe is, (due to the discontinuation of the Land-cruiser) that it will only get the Lexus version of this new model, as the next-generation LX.